First day of Live Play

Yesterday was the start to Early Game Access (EGA) for Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR).  I managed to get a few hours of game time in, although I didn’t get to play with my wife as she won’t get early access for another day or so.

All in all, the game was very smooth, although I did hit a roadblock with my key pad.  I have an X-Keys Pro key pad.  This pad worked great in Warcraft.  I setup all the key bindings jumped into SWTOR, and BAH – it didn’t work.  Worked fine in Notepad.  I’m guessing they are blocking software keys within the game  Sad smile

Also of note, my Microsoft Sidewinder x6 keyboard isn’t working.  I don’t know if that is the game yet though as the profile switching on the keyboard itself wasn’t working.  So, it may be an issue with the keyboard itself.  My Razor Naga mouse did work fine and I was able to remap the buttons.

Hopefully I’ll get it figured out, or they will open it up.  I really love the X-Keys pad.


UAC for the lose.  X-pad was corrected by running MacroWorks as Admin.  However, the Keyboard wouldn’t work that way as it was at the driver level.  I had to turn UAC off to get the keyboard to work.


Surprises and Opened Doors

Last week was an interesting experience.  I had joined the Health Solutions Group Support Team about 4 months ago.  I saw a lot of potential and it was exciting to get involved with something that was pretty much at the ground floor – at least from a support perspective.  Then I saw this last Thursday.

GE, Microsoft to Launch Joint Venture Aimed at Global Healthcare System Transformation

Regardless of the details, I knew right away that this would affect me.  It reminded me of a sermon at our church a few months back.  It was mentioned that everyone should pray for surprises in our lives.  Surprises are what challenge us and drive us forward.  For good or bad.  It makes us think about where we are and where we are going.  Sometimes the surprises you pray for, aren’t really what you were thinking of, or hoping for.  That’s what makes it interesting.

There are probably people wondering what is going to happen and are worrying about the details.  I really haven’t worried about this at all.  I know that this will put me in a spot where God wants me to be, and that comforts me.  I’m ready for whatever happens, and I know my Family is as well.

It’s also amazing to see what can happen in situations like this with regards to what doors open for you.  The options that are made available.  At this point, I haven’t heard any real details and I doubt anything will be known this month.  With the holidays it is pretty much a dead month.  Business as usually.  January is really where things will really kick in – is my guess – with regards to what decision I need to make. That being said, I know that I have several options available to me. 

These next few months will definitely be interesting and life changing, regardless of what happens.  I really feel that moments like this are pivot points for your life.  The fork in the road.  Which way?

Time will tell…

The new rig

With the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR), I went ahead and built a new gaming box.  It had been a few years since the last one I built when I was multi-boxing Warcraft.  I also did two upgrades on my old box so my wife would have a better experience with SWTOR as well when she plays.

So, what did I get?


Cooler Master – HAF 932


i7 – 2600k


Noctua NH-D14

Power Supply

Corsair 850AX


Asus P8Z68-V Pro – Z68 LGA1155 R


G.Skill 8GB BXL

Video Card

Asus ENGTX570 – Nvidia 570






Lite-On Blu-Ray


Razer Naga Molten


Microsoft Sidewinder x6



The pic above, is really to show the CPU Fan.  That thing was huge.  The fan in the middle of the heat sink is a 120mm fan.  It actually expands over the memory bay.

The rig has played the latest games pretty well – Battlefield 3, Skyrim, Batman AC and the SWTOR Beta.

Just about one more week to go until Early Access begins.

Getting started

I’ve been blogging for a few years on some work related technical blogs.  The majority of which have been on the PSSSQL blog.  Currently, I’m blogging at the HSG Support Blog.

For the last couple of months, there have been some things that I’ve wanted to share, but didn’t really fit on a Microsoft Technical Blog.  Some may think that they are nonsense, but I had the urge to share.

So, this blog is really fair game for anything.  Gaming, work stuff, Family, life in general.  And, we’ll just see where it goes.