Surprises and Opened Doors

Last week was an interesting experience.  I had joined the Health Solutions Group Support Team about 4 months ago.  I saw a lot of potential and it was exciting to get involved with something that was pretty much at the ground floor – at least from a support perspective.  Then I saw this last Thursday.

GE, Microsoft to Launch Joint Venture Aimed at Global Healthcare System Transformation

Regardless of the details, I knew right away that this would affect me.  It reminded me of a sermon at our church a few months back.  It was mentioned that everyone should pray for surprises in our lives.  Surprises are what challenge us and drive us forward.  For good or bad.  It makes us think about where we are and where we are going.  Sometimes the surprises you pray for, aren’t really what you were thinking of, or hoping for.  That’s what makes it interesting.

There are probably people wondering what is going to happen and are worrying about the details.  I really haven’t worried about this at all.  I know that this will put me in a spot where God wants me to be, and that comforts me.  I’m ready for whatever happens, and I know my Family is as well.

It’s also amazing to see what can happen in situations like this with regards to what doors open for you.  The options that are made available.  At this point, I haven’t heard any real details and I doubt anything will be known this month.  With the holidays it is pretty much a dead month.  Business as usually.  January is really where things will really kick in – is my guess – with regards to what decision I need to make. That being said, I know that I have several options available to me. 

These next few months will definitely be interesting and life changing, regardless of what happens.  I really feel that moments like this are pivot points for your life.  The fork in the road.  Which way?

Time will tell…