First day of Live Play

Yesterday was the start to Early Game Access (EGA) for Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR).  I managed to get a few hours of game time in, although I didn’t get to play with my wife as she won’t get early access for another day or so.

All in all, the game was very smooth, although I did hit a roadblock with my key pad.  I have an X-Keys Pro key pad.  This pad worked great in Warcraft.  I setup all the key bindings jumped into SWTOR, and BAH – it didn’t work.  Worked fine in Notepad.  I’m guessing they are blocking software keys within the game  Sad smile

Also of note, my Microsoft Sidewinder x6 keyboard isn’t working.  I don’t know if that is the game yet though as the profile switching on the keyboard itself wasn’t working.  So, it may be an issue with the keyboard itself.  My Razor Naga mouse did work fine and I was able to remap the buttons.

Hopefully I’ll get it figured out, or they will open it up.  I really love the X-Keys pad.


UAC for the lose.  X-pad was corrected by running MacroWorks as Admin.  However, the Keyboard wouldn’t work that way as it was at the driver level.  I had to turn UAC off to get the keyboard to work.


One thought on “First day of Live Play

  1. hopefully you solved this – not sure about the sidewinder but for the XKeys Pro If not try rerunning Macroworks as administrator. I have one (i’m a lefty so most keypads don’t work for me) and this is the only app i’ve hit where I have to run it as admin but once i did that it worked.

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