System Center Advisor launches!

System Center Advisor Product Summary

Today is the day that System Center Advisor released.  It has been in Beta for a while.  John Allwright did a blog post about the release.  Here is a little of what he had to say:

System Center Advisor is a cloud service hosted on Windows Azure that regularly analyzes your servers’ configuration, drawing on the wisdom and experience of Microsoft support staff and its countless interactions with IT professionals to automatically highlight server configuration problems and their solutions for Windows Server and SQL Server. You check for any recommendations by logging into the Advisor portal. You also have the option of email alerts and recommendations delivered directly to your inbox.

You can read the full post here.  You can also check out the Product Page here.

For myself, it is really awesome to see this product released.  I got to know Paul Mestemaker (@paulmest) via this project.  He worked closely with the SQL Support group –  mainly Bob Ward (@bobwardms) and Suresh Kandoth – with a little help from me.  It involved a lot of research and validation on the rules.  I think it’s awesome that the rules were worked on by the support groups.  As Bob called it – Support in a Box, or the Cloud in this case.


I’m really looking forward to see where this product goes and how it can help our Customers!