Under the wire – New Vehicle is official

My wife got a new vehicle before the end of the year.  We knew going into it that we may have an issue with trading in our Expedition as we didn’t have the physical Title.  When we paid off the vehicle, the Arizona DMV sent the title to our old address in North Carolina.  We knew we would probably need to file for a new copy, but decided to take a chance and see what the dealers could do.

When we went to the Dealer, I was up front with them regarding the fact that we didn’t have the Title and the Title was from Arizona.  Their reply was “No problem”.  Of course! 

I have to say that this experience with buying a vehicle was pretty painless and quick.  Until the finance guy came out with the sales guy and told us that there was one problem.  They couldn’t do a Lost Title claim because the vehicle was out of state.  /Sigh

I told them fine, and we’d be back once we got the title.  He promptly stopped us and told us that they had an idea.  We could just fill out the form at the dealership and send it in and we would swap vehicles.  There is always a catch though.  They said we would need to have Title to them by January 30th.  If that didn’t happen we had two options.  1) swap vehicles back or 2) give them the money that they gave us – essentially buying the Expedition back.  They also thought that the title would only take 1-2 weeks to get.  I laughed – come on, this is government we are talking about.  It wasn’t going to be that quick.

Time went on, and after two weeks, Crystal had called the DMV and they indicated it will take 4-6 weeks to get the title.  Well 4 weeks was fine as that would be Jan 30th.  6 weeks would be an issue. 

Last Friday (Jan 27th), I called the Arizona DMV to see if we could get a status on the request.  They indicated that they got the request and it was in processing.  They said the title should be mailed out on Friday, or Monday.  So, that was good news at least – but man they really meant 4 weeks.

That Saturday, Crystal told me (excitedly have you) that we got the Title in the mail.  So, we were good to go.  Right at the end of the count down.  I dropped the Title off at the dealer yesterday and it is officially ours now.  Time to get the DVD players installed.

Say hello to our little friend!