My thoughts on certifications…

I read the following post that Paul Randal (@paulrandal) made regarding Certifications.  I completely agree with his thoughts on this.

I’ve been in jobs where there were strong pushes for Certifications.  So much so, that it seemed people were getting a new cert every week.  It became a race to see who could have the longest Cert Chain (see what I did there?) in their email signatures.  Some of them got pretty long.

It got to the point where if someone had the certification, to me, that just meant they knew how to study and take a test.  It didn’t necessarily mean they “knew” the product.  This really came front and center when I interviewed someone and they confessed to me that they had an MCSE title, but have never touched the Windows Server product as they were more of a Unix/Linux person.  Really?!?  The fact that someone would admit that spoke volumes also.

After a while, I just lost interest in even trying for certifications – also the fact that I am horrible at taking tests.  /sigh

It’s been a long while since I went for a certification.  I think the last one I did was for SQL 2000.  Although, I have had a strong desire of late to go for the SharePoint MCM.  Which means I need to take the 4 pre-req certifications that are required.  Although my motivation on that front has been limited (re: horrible at taking tests).  That’s my goal though. 

I’m grateful that in my current position, there are not any hard and fast requirements to go and get a certification.  I’d rather do it on my own accord and show the interest in achieving that myself, as opposed to someone forcing it down my throat.


Running Windows 8 Consumer Preview

On Wednesday, the Windows 8 Consumer Preview became available.  I’ve really been looking forward to this as I’ve been a big fan of the Metro UI feel from using my Windows Phone for a while now.

You can get the Preview at the following URL:

Everything at this point seem to be running pretty smoothly from internal tools that I use, to Game (Star Wars: The Old Republic), to developer tools such as SQL and Visual Studio.  I haven’t really had any issues.  Also all of my hardware is running as expected.

I performed an upgrade on my desktop at home which is my gaming box.  And I just completed a fresh install on my work Laptop.  I definitely recommend giving this a try, with the understanding that this is still a Beta Product.