The Results… or not…

Last Monday I went back to the doctor to get the results from the Spinal Tap and blood work.  It was a fairly quick consult.  He indicated that the Spinal Fluid looked clean and basically the result is inconclusive as they can’t say what it is.

At that point he started backing off of what he had told me back in December.  After reviewing his notes from the MRI, he indicated that it didn’t like look anything to worry about with that.  Also that my symptoms could be from a lot of different things and could have even just been a migraine without any pain.  Although I’m suspicious of that being that I had lingering symptoms for a month.  Needless to say it left a bad taste in my mouth.  He ended it saying that we would really need to wait for another attack to occur before he would recommend any kind of treatment.  Which, to be fair, if we aren’t sure that it is MS, I would rather not impact my immune system which could lead to other problems and MS not be the issue. So, essentially we don’t know.  It could be MS or it may not be.  We just need to wait. This does kinda jive with several things that I’ve read indicating that typically a diagnosis won’t be made until two recorded attacks have happened.

One comment he made was that if he can’t tell me what it is, that is pretty good news, as opposed to him giving me a firm diagnosis.  I guess, but now I’m back to not knowing what happened and if it will happen again.

A friend at work has a neurologist for a wife.  They had offered to answer questions I may want to bounce off of them.  I typically try to avoid, or at least limit, it unless it was something pretty serious.  My gut was telling me to go get a second opinion, but I was worried that I would go through that just to have them tell me the same thing.  So, I bounced that question off of them. Would it be worth getting a second opinion? 

The answer was yes.  She had recommended getting a second opinion at an academic institution with an MS specialist.

I posted on to see if anyone could recommend someone.  That came back with the UT Southwestern MS Clinic, which is in Dallas.  Another friend at work also suggested the same, and that her husband goes there.  Sounds like a winner to me!  Although a bit of a drive from my house – 32 miles.  But, it sounds like that would be a better diagnosis. 

From what I was told, I’ll probably be put through some more tests.  So, now it is the waiting game again.