Eye issues and UT Southwestern

Last Wednesday I started having some pain in my left eye.  It has happened in the past one and off, but never lasted more than a few hours.  By Friday it was a constant pain whenever I would move, or rub, my left eye.  Saturday was the same.  I couldn’t do much at that point because my neurologist is only open Mon-Fri.  The pain wasn’t really bad.  Felt more like soreness than anything else.

On Sunday, it felt like it did on Wednesday and Today it really hasn’t surfaced too much. 

I went to the neurologist today because he said to get back to him if something lasted over 24 hours. In all of 5 minutes, he heard what I had to say and then indicated I should just go see an eye doctor.  He mentioned that if it is only pain related it wouldn’t be neurological.  He was interested more in blurriness or lack of vision if it was optic neuritis.  That’s fine. Would have been nice of him to clarify that a week ago.

He had mentioned something about stroke and I reminded him that I had had an MRI in the ER back in December, but that’s all that was done.  He was looking for those reports, and I reminded him I had those reports and when he saw them in conjunction with the MRI he jumped to MS.  I know they made copies, but apparently he didn’t have them.

As I was checking out, he came up indicating to maybe get a CT Scan for something to check blood vessels.  At that point I mentioned that I had been asked why I hadn’t done an MRI with contrast.  He asked if I was sure they didn’t do it with Contrast and I said yes (mainly because I know they didn’t give me any contrast, but also because it was clearly written on the report).  He casually said we could get one.  Almost like an afterthought.

/sigh.  Needless to say I’m not overly happy with this doctor. 

On a different subject, I got the initial questionnaire for UT Southwestern Medical Clinic.  It was 21 pages that I had to fill out.  Took about an hour and was very inclusive.  Covered a whole lot of things that my current neurologist didn’t even touch.  They indicated they had everything from my and would review the items and get back to me.  We’ll see.  I’ve heard it can take a long time to get in and it may not even happen.  For now, I’m just going to wait for that.