Official Diagnosis

This posting is a little late from when it happened.  I went to UT Southwestern’s MS Clinic on March 26.  This was a much better experience than my other Neurologist.  The doctor I met with talked with me for almost 3 hours. 

We went through the 21 page questionnaire that I filled out, and just talked about things in my past for her to gauge what may or may not be relevant. She then did a physical work up to test strength, nerve reaction using the tuning fork and looked at my eyes.  At the end of it, she looked at the MRI info that I had from when I went to the Hospital last December.  She indicated that the MRI didn’t look really bad, but there was some indication of lesions and items that were a classic sign of Multiple Sclerosis.

Based on our discussion, my description of what has been happening, some items from my past and the MRI, she said she was comfortable giving me an official diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and she agreed that based on everything it seemed like the best fit.

We then talked about a treatment plan, and also about general diet and health. I will be starting on Copaxone which will be a self injection 3 times a week.  It used to be daily, but they just recently came out with the dosage to do it less frequently, which I’m in favor of. I already got the Autoject for it.  And I talked to Shared Solutions to give insurance information for the medication itself.  I will hopefully have it within a week or two and get started on that.  Shared Solutions also indicated that they have a program where I may not need to pay for the drug at all, or they will assist, as it is on the costly side.  So, that’s pretty awesome.

I need to do two more MRI’s with contrast.  I need to get those scheduled.  I’ve also been starting to take some Vitamin D supplements along with some other stuff to get more vitamins in me.  The doc indicated that most doctors like the Vitamin D number to come back 40/100.  She said she likes it to be 60/100 for people with MS.  Mine came back at like 26-27.  Also my ANA came back as negative so that’s good.  She indicated she was checking that to see if it may be lupas, although she didn’t think it would be.

All in all, my new Neurologist was way more thorough, and I felt a lot more comfortable.

We will see how the treatment goes and take things a day at a time.